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Our partners provide solutions to critical challenges in urban development. Together, we know we can make a much bigger impact.

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Cities need innovations. Innovations need cities. BlueWorxx connects. If you have an innovation that cities need, join us.

About BlueWorxx

BlueWorxx is an international platform for solution providers working on high impact sustainable urban development.

BlueWorxx for a better future

BlueWorxx builds partnerships that are customer centric, promote mutual thriving and contribute to net impact on sustainable urban development. We offer a tangible group of businesses and products that are market ready. These innovations can also be brought together in smart combinations to enhance the feasibility and overall impact in projects. In these combinations, the result is bigger, better and more that the same of their parts.

Through BlueWorxx and the Walas Access to innovation platform, World of Walas represents a large selection of innovative and technical solutions for the built environment including companies, entrepreneurs and academia.

Creating a better world requires vision, leadership and determination. It also requires collaboration, partnerships and working together.

– Gerben van Straaten

Our partners


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From the founder of Walas

Gerben van Straaten works between Canada and Europe. For over 25 years. He has bridged between business and academia to improve the environmental, social and financial performance of communities. His company, World of Walas, is known for revitalizing communities by putting people first, growing local economies, fostering innovation and the creative class.