Blueworxx partner meetup in the Netherlands

At the end of this month, on November 30th, the first BlueWorxx partner meet up will take place in the Netherlands. The goals of the afternoon will be to get acquainted with the other BlueWorxx partners and the creation of smart combinations to bring about integrated innovation. With these innovations we can jointly provide solutions for the cities of the future.

The CEO of World of Walas, Gerben van Straaten, will share his vision on the future of cities, and how BlueWorxx is critical to bringing about the exponential improvements cities require. In addition, there will be an opportunity for up to 5 partners to present their company and innovations. Finally, we’ll start in (sub) groups with concrete innovations for resilient cities.

If you think your company can’t be missed, please see if there is a spot left by sending an email to

Blueworxx partner Wellsun reveals her first Lumiduct

On October 18, our BlueWorxx partner Wellsun revealed her first project: The Lumiduct works in a glass façade near Rotterdam. Wellsun optimizes the use of sunlight and improves the energy self-sufficiency of buildings. The Lumiduct enables a full glass façade to generate more energy than conventional solar panels and at the same time creates a perfect indoor building climate.

NL Greenlabel calls for action at Dutch government

Biodiversity is decreasing with 75%. Time to take action to stop this trend.

Our partner NL Greenlabel organised a call to action for the Dutch Government. The action, called ‘Code red for nature’, was initiated after new research revealed the biodiversity is drastically decreasing. Almost 28.000 Dutch people and about 40 organisations joined the call.

Beeblue in circular business design track of CIRCLNL

Workshops to improve your business models towards a circular model

Looking to improve your business towards a circular business model? Already taking the first steps but not yet successful? Join the track of CIRCLNL together with our BlueWorxx partner Beeblue and learn in a couple of workshops to transform your business!

BlueWorxx at Canada’s Leading Urban Development Conference

On Wednesday, November 29th, World of Walas, BlueWorxx’s parent company, will be presenting at the Building Show Toronto 2018. The Building Show is the leading conference in Canada for sourcing, networking and education for Canada’s construction, architecture, design and real estate industries. More than 30,500 trade professionals attend the show each year.

BlueWorxx will be integrated throughout the presentation as the platform to source the latest global innovations for building the sustainable cities of the future. Wilco van Bemmel, Chief Operations Officer of Walas Concepts, and Stephen Popovich, Chief Development Officer for Walas Concepts Global will present a sneak peek of the latest international building innovations. They bring a wealth of experience to their roles in Walas Concepts, the World of Walas’ consulting division. Their presentations will focus on innovative solutions that have been implemented across Europe to reduce energy consumption and introduce greener solutions.

Wilco will expand on European innovations that are revitalizing neighbourhoods. This includes building partnerships between community groups, businesses, cities and agencies to improve affordability, economic vitality and sustainability. Stephen will showcase collaborative models. These models engage the community as a strategic partner, focus design around the social agenda of communities, and utilize the ways in which people connect and interact. Their presentation will discuss how smart combinations of innovations and partners can offer integrated solutions that are more financially, socially, and ecologically sustainable.