We are BeeBlue, circular product developers, and we are making the circular economy accessible, tangible and visible. We move materials up from waste to resource to product. Our day-to-day products are derived from the organic waste streams of city dwellers that are otherwise discarded on a large scale as -inevitable- part of our day-to-day consumption. The result is less waste in our cities, a more effective circular economy and high quality consumer products to enjoy. 


Our growing worldwide consumption of fresh coffee and fresh orange juice produces around 50 billion kilos of coffee grounds and 46 billion kilos of orange peels each year. These organic resources are largely discarded to organic waste streams. They are also effective as an exfoliant, colourant, skin boost and cleaner. What a waste! 

BeeBlue offers SOOP, a range of soap products based on coffee grounds and orange peels. SOOP does not contain any added chemicals or plastics. We listen to consumers, and know they want day-to-day products that are accessible and functional. To meet this demand, BeeBlue is also developing liquid SOOP. Coming soon! 


Every year, over 120 million kilos of bread is wasted in the Netherlands alone. This is partly because consumers expect fresh bread daily, but it’s a terrible waste! Toost is beer made from bread that would otherwise be discarded. This ‘waste’ product has value to add. It can replace up to 25% of the the malt in beer for a very tasty fresh pale ale. Toast a Toost to our future!

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