Inspired provides platform solutions for B2B and B2B2C clients. We bring innovative digital business models to life. Together with our clients, we master digital evolution with real-time data models based on our scalable platform building toolbox YOU OS. 

Inspired serves as expert in consulting and implementation of 360º cloud platform solutions with Web, Apps, IoT and more. With cutting-edge technology, inspired loves to put people at the very center of digitalization and work for a sustainable future. 

Digitalization is rapidly changing the way we live and do business. A core challenge of business today is to adapt quickly according to changing customer needs and expectations. Common methodology and legacy systems lead to cost intensive adaptions. 

Inspired is addressing that problem. Our platforms are built to reflect future changes and are open for latest technologies. Building with our platform toolbox YOU OS will save you up to 50% of time and money along with significantly lower total cost of ownership. 

When it comes to connecting everything based on scalable real-time technology, business processes or event driven platforms – inspired is your partner. No matter whether your digital business model is about IoT, payment integration, social interaction, smart cities, or collaboration. Whether it is on premise or will run as SaaS, YOU OS is the solution you are looking for. 

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