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Mitsubishi Elevator Europe

With over 65 years of experience, Mitsubishi Elevator Europe is the authority in the field of high-quality and reliable elevator and escalator installations, elevator maintenance and elevator repairs. Mitsubishi Elevator Europe is part of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, which is part of the Japanese Mitsubishi conglomerate. The headquarter is located in Veenendaal, the Netherlands and exists next to a supporting office department, out of an engineering- and production department. In addition, it also has its own test tower, which is used as a training venue for mechanics and for extensive testing of all our elevators.

From traditional production company to total service provider.

At a time when concepts such as ‘sustainability’ and ‘quality’ become general concepts, it is important that all of us in the construction and real estate sector start to think carefully about what these concepts really mean. It’s not all about creating energy efficient products or making the right investments in your staff. It is about the overall picture, in which joint long-term responsibility is taken by using an integrated approach on contractual forms.

The dynamic world in which we live calls for a flexible solution for constantly changing user needs and building destinations. In continuation of this, there is an increasing shift from acquisition and possession to integrated solutions that are focused on usage. For Mitsubishi Elevator Europe this means that it must combine its products and services in such a way that they provide added value and offer a total solution for the entire chain.

M-Use®: A more durable and sustainable business model for the elevator industry.

Mitsubishi Elevator Europe aims to realize the best and most sustainable vertical mobility solution for our customers and end users. In the context of the above as well as the growing need for a circular economy, Mitsubishi has developed M-Use®. With M-Use®, or Mobility-Use, Mitsubishi offers guaranteed use of high-quality elevators against a low or no initial investment. Mitsubishi remains the owner of the elevator(s) during its life span and the customer pays a fixed amount per year for use of the elevator for an (initial) 20-year contract period. The customer receives guaranteed carefree elevator-use for this fixed fee, through contractually clearly defined benefits and associated fines, as well as predictable and fair annual billing based on actual use.

Next to the focus on usage instead of ownership, circularity is also central to M-Use®. By mapping all waste streams and the influence of usage at the component level, Mitsubishi aims to use its people and resources as efficiently as possible. In addition, Mitsubishi works through various strategic programs to recycle and re-use its elevator parts as much as possible.

An independent research of the elevator market in the Netherlands carried out by KPMG Sustainability, shows that M-Use® is over € 15,000 cheaper over a period of 30 years compared to an average Dutch elevator. Long term quality and sustainability are therefore not only good for man and the environment, it has also been shown to be solid business.

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