Nautilus Eco-Solutions BV for the best bio- and eco civil solution since 1995! Uniting ecologically sound building materials with smart designs and reputed workmanship, we are able to deliver superb and sustainable best practice solutions for the protection and greening of shorelines along waterways and in other civil engineering projects.

How do we do it?

Aqua-Flora® products and Gabions is the answer. Aqua-Flora® products, developed by Nautilus, are coconut fiber mats and rolls pre-vegetated and pre-grown in our nurseries with a variety of water- and wetland plant species.

Aqua-Flora® mats and rolls are primarily used for shoreline beautification and as a sustainable protection against erosion. Our Aqua-Flora® floatlands, floating gardens, are often used in front of vertical quay walls because of their ability to rise and fall with changing water levels. When a more robust solution is needed, Gabions are the way to go. These steel-threaded boxes or mattresses are filled with frost resistant materials and applicable in many ways. Erosion control, a facade, sound barrier, earth retention are just some examples of what you can do with Gabions. Constructive and aesthetic, the way to go.

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