NL Greenlabel

NL Greenlabel

With the sustainability passport from NL Greenlabel, it is possible to make all-round sustainability measurable. The label assessment considers such issues as biodiversity, soil, water and energy in relation to materialization, design, layout and maintenance of the area. Attention is also focused on the role of humans, and guarantees for the future. In this way it is possible to sustainable redesign outdoor space in a structure in which man and nature live in harmony together. The combination of the passport for outdoor space with a quality label for products and plants is unique in the world, and truly makes it possible to think in integrated patterns.

The NL Greenlabel area label serves as a guideline for putting sustainable ambitions into practice and converting them in to a more sustainable living environment. In an individual area development, the area, the process and the end result are assessed according to 7 indicators. The findings are translated into a sustainability passport. The sustainability passport lists the degree of sustainability achieved via scores ranging from A to G.

  1. Design, construction and maintenance. Increased attraction of towns/cities/villages with a green character.
  2. Products and materials. Green and sustainable outdoor space guarantees that a city will perform better in terms of residential occupational and recreational use.
  3. Energy and climate. Renewable energy generation in a hybrid landscape.
  4. Biodiversity. Promoting biodiversity through integrated design, improved material use and varied planting.
  5. Soil and water. Green to improve the environment; less heat stress, improved water permeability and less noise nuisance.
  6. Guarantees. Improved health for residents of a green neighbourhood.
  7. Interaction between man & environment. Greater social cohesion thanks to green meeting places.

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